Our vision is to transform your home into an oasis, the one place you can always count on when you need a laugh, a tear, a connection. Our technology is your life made easier, more enjoyable. We believe that technology exists to improve the quality of our lives, and the more powerful it gets the more intuitive and invisible it should become. We like to think of it as “Everyday Magic.”

We don’t just create products; we deliver joyful experiences and reasons to bring people together. We commit to providing you with the best possible experiences, every day, and we achieve this by being our five core values: refreshing simplicity, elegant design, powerful performance, seamless connectivity, and personalized magic.

We enjoy working with each other, and we translate this spirit of shared passion into everything we create. We live our core values every day. It is who we are.

Our Team

Todd Beauchamp | President and Founder

UnityHT President and household “Speaker Guy” Todd Beauchamp is an award-winning tech innovator and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience working in the acoustical engineering and systems design industries. Before dedicating his complete time to UnityHT two years ago, Todd served as Acoustics Lab Manager at Apple, overseeing the product development and line setup of over 20 products within Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPad Divisions. He also was responsible for managing the highest shipped product at Apple at over 200 million units. An expert in acoustical engineering, Todd led the final audio-system tuning on the history-making, first-generation iPhone.
Before his adventures at Apple, Todd helped lead research and development of cutting-edge audio technologies at American Technology Corporation, where he co-invented the non-lethal hailing device called LRAD. In 2012, Todd was recognized in Dealerscope’s “40 Under 40” top tech entrepreneurs of the year.


Lars Uffhausen | Vice President of Operations

Lars Uffhausen is a proven high-tech executive and established serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of successfully building and managing businesses in the Global Manufacturing and Information Systems industries. Prior to joining UnityHT as VP of Operations, Lars ran Wolfe Engineering as Chief Operating Officer from 2000 to 2013. During his tenure, he grew Wolfe from a job-shop into a high-tech manufacturing company with over $110 million annual revenue and over 200 employees. Lars is credited with taking the company to new heights of profitability and reducing costs by more than 50%.
In 2004, Lars founded the branding and online technology company Microflare, Inc., which the Silicon Valley Business Journal recognized as a top performer within two years. In 2013, Lars followed his passion for audio by starting his own mobile audio company called “Simplicity In Sound,” which has received numerous awards in audio design and employs the top 10 US mobile audio installers.


Randy M. Meyers | Vice President of Sales

Resident “Rock Star” Randy Meyers is an accomplished leader and sales executive with over 30 years of combined wholesale and retail experience within the consumer electronics and music industries. He is an expert in leading and managing sales development with a proven track record of maximizing ROI and driving consumer value into the customer relationship.
Before joining UnityHT as VP of Sales, Randy worked as Director of Sales of Sony Electronics for over sixteen years. While leading the sales team at Sony, he successfully achieved 10% dollar growth each year, earning his team the distinction of a top-three profit contributor at the company for 10 years in a row. As drummer for the Chicago-based rock band Drysdales, Randy attributes his proven track record of success to a customer-focused approach and a good ear for keeping on the beat.


Drew Anderson | Vice President of Technology

An accomplished serial entrepreneur with a passion for music, film, and television, Drew Anderson is an established tech visionary with over twenty-five years of experience leading mobile and media startups to success in Silicon Valley. Before joining UnityHT as CTO, Drew was responsible for creating the core technology and intellectual property of ZillionTV as the company’s co-founder and COO. During his tenure, he helped raise a total of $48 Million in VC and strategic investment as Zillion TV grew to over one hundred employees.
An early peer-to-peer technology pioneer, Drew has also worked in several executive roles, including serving as President of Gnuterra from 2002 to 2007 and most recently as CTO of HitLab, Inc. Drew is credited as a key inventor in more than a half-dozen patents and has created a wide array of intellectual property for companies, including IP in clean-tech systems and digital distribution systems for music, TV, and film.


Jim Hogan| Vice President of Business Development

Jim Hogan is an established C-suite executive who specializes in leading both startup and Fortune 100 companies in entering new markets and capturing business opportunities. Before joining UnityHT as Vice President of Corporate Development, Jim ran a single-track consulting firm focused on providing business development and product strategy to innovative emerging companies, including Facebook and Microsoft.

As a distinguished serial entrepreneur, Jim holds special expertise in venture capital fundraising and driving company growth. Jim is responsible for raising combined funds in the tens of millions of dollars for a range of different companies, including raising $1.6 million from private equity while acting as CEO of SView from 2008 to 2010. Jim is also an expert in negotiating deals for technology licensing, building partnerships, and leading companies to profitable exits. While serving as Vice President at Tellme Networks, which was later acquired by Microsoft, Jim negotiated and led implementation for the acquisition of new VoIP and consumer content technologies, valuated in the tens of millions of dollars.


Dave Yale| Director Of Design

Our in-house designer and creative mastermind began his career with a strong inclination towards consumer electronics, working at Lexmark International and Thomson Multimedia.
Eventually the diversity of work and fast-paced energy of the design consulting world pulled him away. After a few stints with major design firms, Dave turned entrepreneur, forming his own consulting business in 2004. He holds several appearance and mechanical design patents and has designed for brands as diverse as Char-Broil, RCA, and Coors.
A self-professed furniture fanatic, he has even exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.
Dave and founder Todd Beauchamp forged a strong friendship while participating in a 2-year long leadership and development course in 2009. Dave’s participation in the development of Unity goes back nearly 5 years, starting with industrial design sketches and mechanical CAD drawings. He has helped develop UnityHT’s brand strategy and has his eyes on the next generation of game-changing products.


Galan Bridgman | Director of Software Engineering

Nicknamed the “Über Bitmeister”, Galan Bridgman is a passionate innovator and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of cutting-edge advances in digital media, mobile, and IPTV technologies for well over two decades. In 1991, Galan was a co-developer of QuickTime for Windows that John Scully demonstrated at the MacWorld keynote event in 1992. He continued to lead development projects at Apple Computer and Intel Corporation until 1995, when he moved on to cement his reputation as an early pioneer in the burgeoning streaming video industry at the startups Starlight Networks and subsequently Akimbo Systems.
In 2008, Galan became Director of Encoding Services at Zillion TV, where he was responsible for the processing of thousands of Tier 1 titles into the system and a breakthrough in encoding quality. Galan is the recipient of the Microsoft MVP award for Digital Media for 5 years running.


Sam Huang | Social Media Marketing & Communications

Known as “The Relentless”, Sam Huang is a passionate researcher and writer with a strong aspiration for using data and research to drive business results. Apart from her role at UnityHT, she also currently works in the venture capital world at Garage Technology Ventures. In 2012, while at Stanford University’s Corporate Governance Center, Sam Huang served as Head of Research and Writing for a report on immigrant entrepreneurship that was featured by Fareed Zakaria in a news segment on CNN. In 2013, selected for the coveted Google internship, she helped strategize and write the company’s legal agreements for its WiFi sponsorships and devised a solution to cut down the time spent on due diligence for corporate grants by more than 50%.
Sam has received numerous awards for her research, including two national history awards for her work on evolving smuggling technologies. She has previously written for Forbes.com and VentureBeat.