Unity Home Theater is the recipient of the prestigious Design and Engineering Innovation Award from the Consumer Electronics Association. The award got a lot of people talking. Here’s what some of them are saying:

All Together Now

“It offers simple installation—no drilling holes, hiding wires, or stuffing a bulky subwoofer somewhere—and easy operation with just one remote. But even better, this home theater system is said to deliver the kind of sound quality you’d get from higher-end components bought separately.” – Jamie Sorcher, Home Theater

A product Apple won’t unveil

“Todd Beauchamp was a star engineer at Apple – he helped create the company’s ubiquitous white earbuds. Now, with a new startup, he says he’s building his own Apple.” – Adam Lashinsky, Fortune

20 Innovative Brands Focused on Game-Changing Products

“Thanks to that tight integration, consumers just need one cable to connect the entire setup to their TV. In short, it takes the notion of plug and play to an entirely different level.” – Ben Bowers, Gear Patrol

CES 2012: The Unity home theater system

“Engage wants to make it easy for your flat-screen-TV-based home entertainment system to look clutter-free. The new Unity home theater system acts as an aesthetically pleasing stand and speaker system for your display.” – Mike Snider, USA Today

Apple’s Former Audio Guy Rolls Out A Home-Theater System

“Unity, by contrast, integrates the soundbar, subwoofer, and Blu-ray player into one unit, which connects to your flatscreen via a single cable, making it possible to go from box to play in about 15 minutes.” – Belinda Lanks, Fast Company

Hands-on with Unity home theater

“During playback of Transformers on DVD, several moments in the beginning were definitely impressive with excellent highs and mid-range clarity as the crescendo of music and sweeping scenes played on.” – Christopher MacManus, CNET

UnityHT Packs an Entire Home Theater into Unity Stand

“It looks like a normal stand, but In2′s Unity packs a ton of AV into one component.” – Rachel Cericola, Electronic House

CES: Unity Home Theater System is Also an HDTV Stand

“I have to wonder why no one thought of this (Unity) before?!?!” – Kristofer Brozio, Review the Tech

Todd Beauchamp, Unity’s founder, is definitely one of the audio world’s most interesting men

“It’s kind of like a home theater in a box (HTiB)… and kind of like a soundbar… and even kind of like some A/V shelving to hold components and speakers. It’s all of the above, and none of the above, depending on how you look at it.” – Arlen Schweiger, CEPro